Premium Scrum Pakket 2DOBOARD
Premium Scrum Board Magnets Starter Set
Scrum Board Set - Premium

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ÔéČ┬á199,95 *
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Suitable for normal magnetic Whiteboards
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Not suitable for Glassboards!

This pack consists of the following products:

- 50 Dry erase magnets 15 x 10 cm (10 green, 10 yellow, 10 blue, 10 red, 10 orange)
- 150 Dry erase magnets 7,5 x 7,5 cm (25 green, 25 yellow, 25 blue, 25 red, 25 orange, 25 grey)
- 10 Meters of black magnetic tape
- 5 Smiley magnets 5 cm (2 green, 2 red, 1 yellow)
- 5 Hazard/ exclamation mark magnets 
- 10 Avatar name magnets for dry erasing (5 male, 5 female)
- 5 Check Magnets
- 5 Star 'NEW" Magnets
- 5 Question Mark Magnets
- 5 Danger Magnets
- 5 Thumb Magnets
- 5 Whiteboard markers

- 1 Dry erase cloth with magnet

- Whiteboard not included!
- It is not suitable for glass panels! 


EASY TO CLEAN - Use a normal whiteboard pen on our magnetic notes and easily clean them afterwards with the included cloth. 

ENJOY A FLEXIBLE TASKBOARD - Never use a fixed set-up for your Planning Board! After all, the nature of the work or the team itself will inevitably change, with your old setup becoming outdated quickly. All components of this toolkit can easily be moved over and over again, giving your team a visual aid for years to come!

MAGNETIC KANBAN CARDS FOR HIGHEST DEMANDS - Agile project management is on everyone's lips these days. Being Agile takes two important things: Focus on the most important things and make them visual. This Premium set with whiteboard sticky sheets helps to keep sight of the most important tasks. You can move the contents quickly and easily through the use of each magnetic card, thus allowing you to update any developments as they occur. 

DESIGN YOUR OWN PLANNING BOARD - The whiteboard accessories of this set are all flexible in use. You can make a weekly family planner, a memo board, a meal planner, a shopping list at your fridge or whatever you want. The set can be used on a daily basis in offices, schools, hospitals or at home in the kitchen.

VERY SUITABLE FOR HOME OFFICES - Give your home office a boost! There is no better way to start your week full of inspiration!
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